Our Top 5 Dental Interview Tips

top 5 interview tips


  1. Build an up to date curriculum vitae


- Personal details

- Personal profile/career objective

- Professional education and qualifications starting with the most recent.

- Professional experience including clinical experience

- Employment and work experience including permanent part time and volunteering.

- Additional skills and achievements.

- Interests and leisure activities, including any memberships or societies.

- References, it is usual to include three, ideally two senior clinicians.


  1. Research, Research, Research


- Look at the practice website

- Sign up to practice newsletter

- Check out social media feeds for news and awards etc.

- Call the practice to get a feel of treatments & services offered.

- If you can, visit the practice to pick up some waiting room material. i.e. do they do implants, whitening or facial aesthetics…


  1. Prepare for common interview questions:


It is always good to have some answers ready for common interview questions (without sounding robotic)

- Can you tell me a little about yourself? ... 

- How did you hear about the position? ... 

- What do you know about the practice? ... 

- Tell us about your clinical experience?....

- What are your greatest professional strengths? ... 

- What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

Interviews can also incorporate competency-based questions:

- Tell me about a time when…

- Give an example of when…

- Describe a time when …

- Have you ever been in a situation where …


  1. Clean up online footprint:


93% of employers will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision (jobvite social media recruiting survey 2014)

- Google yourself to see what comes up

- Make your social media accounts private

- Remove any offensive or distasteful photos from all of your social media

- Edit your handles (usernames)

- If a professional social media page, ensure you have a professional bio.


  1. Be yourself:


This might seem like common sense, however a huge percentage of the interview is the employer assessing you as a person, and how you will fit in with the dental team, also how the patients will perceive you.

So let your personality show and chat to the reception team while waiting for your interview.


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